Starter Set (Living Coral)

“Jewels of the Ocean” by ReServe

Living Coral (Pink) Smooth Sip Strong Stir Perfect for your own use, as well as a gift to family and friends :


  • 1 Island Paradise Silicone Straw
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Reusable Bag
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Starter Set – 1  reusable silicone straw with a brush, in ReServe bag

Size : 230 x 8.5mm.

Material: Silicone


“Smooth sip, Strong stir” Our innovative silicone straw is soft up top, and sturdy down below. Therefore, it is soft and suitable for straw chewer, while being strong enough to stir your smoothies and crack the ice!

Safety : The material is BPA-Free Food-Grade Silicone. We ensure that it is clean, safe, and produced in our world-class medical-device manufacturing facilities.

Durability : Our silicone straw endures temperature from -40°c up to 180°c. It can be used with any tea, coffee, acidic beverages, AND it is sterilizer & dishwasher safe.

User Guide : The straw is very light-weight & handy. You can carry it anywhere in the given ReServe bag. The food-grade silicone does not collect germs/bacteria (aseptic). Once used, you can wash the inner side with the cleaning-brush included in the set. The outer side could be washed using hand/sponge. And again, it is sterilizer & dishwasher safe 🙂


Sizing : It fits perfectly with major tumbler brands like YETI (20 & 30 oz.), Starbucks, and Klean Kanteen! The entire height of the straw is 229.35 mm. When folded, the height from the bottom of the straw to the folding point is 175-185 mm. Outer Diameter = 8.20mm. Inner Diameter = 5.60mm. It is suitable for both iced-drinks and smoothies/frappuccino.

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