About S.K. Polymer

"Design for your Identity"

   S.K.Polymer- a creative design and manufacturing company!! With our own in-house designers and  manufacturing facilities, Polymate has wide range of houseware, office accessories or stationary , kitchen & tabletop, and child’s safety products, gifts and lifestyle products. 

     Our designs focus on functionality, uniqueness and ease-of-use, corresponding perfectly with today’s modern lifestyle. In addition to our retail lineups, Polymate also provides custom-design service for cooperates “Design for your indentity”.

     Our current custom-made products include beer tower dispenser (Chang Beer), tissue cases (Berli Jucker), bag tag (Nikon), stationary holder (Krung Thai Bank), hot mat (Coca Cola) and many more.

     We pay attention to each customer’s brand characteristics. The result is a new, unique corporate premium or promotional items that perfectly suits their brand only.SK

Our clients

Our Quality Design Process

Rubber and Plastic Manufacturer

S.K. Polymer is proud to be a leading rubber and plastic components compounder, manufacturer, and processor for pharmaceutical and medical devices. We continually strive to achieve higher standards in ensuring the safety of our products while simultaneously improving production efficiency. Our new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is designed to fulfill the highest standards of ISO 13485 : 2016 certification and control room facilities.

S.K. Polymer owns over thousands of rubber formulations, and continues to partner with leading universities and governmental research labs nationwide. With over 29 years of experiences in Process Design, Mold Design, Machinery, Sales & Marketing expertise, excellent supporting systems and human resources; we have been a trusted supplier of rubber and plastic parts for leading pharmaceutical & medical device brands in Thailand and in all continents of the world.